4. public tender for sub-measure 16.5 Support for joint action to mitigate or adapt to climate change and for joint approaches to environmental projects and ongoing environmental practices

PROJECT TITLE: Digital platform for winegrowers in introducing common environmental approaches to reduce the burden of agriculture on the environment - SMART AGRO GRAPE

DURATION: 2021 - 2024

SUMMARY: The EIP project (European Innovation Partnership) SMART AGRO GRAPE addresses the following topics with the content of establishing a digital platform for winegrowers in the introduction of common environmental approaches in order to reduce the burden on agriculture:

Sustainable use of agricultural land by ensuring fertility and preventing soil erosion and degradation.

Sustainable plant protection.

Reducing the burden from agriculture on surface and groundwater and efficient and sustainable use of water on the farm.

The project establishes an innovative partnership that, with joint efforts, experience and knowledge, will address the challenge of technologically and economically efficient approaches, technologies and practices in optimizing vineyard management within the concept of smart vineyards on participating farms.

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